Server time:
Server name: x1000

Grand Reset rewards has been upgraded till 10
After 10GR Each reward is 1xJewel Of Kondar and 1x Jewel Of Level

Channel change improvements
Fixed guild join request
Fixed pick up issue while having quest active
Fixed inability to complete 'Reach X Level" quest
Fixed quest item count update upon item divide
Fixed mastery option change was processed when no options set was found
Fixed harmony options added by jewel of harmony sometimes displayed as "+-"
Fixed Spirit Stone Exchange mix results in invalid output count (occasionally)
Fixed quest objective item count update after game entry/death

Synchronized server and website time, Server time zone, now is on GMT +1
Changed CS times, check siege NPC for that
Changed Ice Walley time, 17.30

07/Jun/2021 Season 16 MUOnline Project will be Opening 14.May

GunCrusher project is a medium-high experience server with resets and grand resets! Each 400 levels players can reset their level to claim rewards and go back in-game to make stat points to get full on each stats which is 32000 stat points. With each reset player gains reward: 20 Wcoins. Stat points after reset stays, which means with about 50+ reset player is full stats, which is recommended to be able to level up at top maps! Top maps/elite bosses require high elemental damage for monsters to be slain, farm for Pentagrams and Ertels on Acheron + Maps. Check our Drop List to see which maps/bosses/events drops items you are looking for

Experience rate: Regular/Master/Majestic: X1000
Max stats: 32000, Max opened game client from one PC/IP = 5
Reset 400lvl in website, Stats stays, Costs 1kk*reset: Reward: 20Wcoins
Max reset coint: 100
Grand reset: 100 in website: Reward 2000 Wcoins + Item rewards

Share Event: Share THIS FB post in your FB page (must be Publicily visible) or share it on MuOnline groups (send link in this case), write your account in FB page message to Guncrusher group, and get 500 Wcoins after server is OPEN!

Opening Times: 14.May
[UTC +2, 18.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 24.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 13.00-Argentina]

We are planning on at least 2000+ players on the first day with server opening, check our Game Freebies page to boost your game experience!

To make project long-term Daily Login Reward system has been made. By login in each day and making at least one reset that day, the player will be able to claim rewards.

Conquer top maps, hunt bosses, participate in events to claim Achievement system rewards.

VIP System: Supporters gets VIP buff which gives: Experience and HP Buff, as well as one time gift on each VIP level!

Castle siege: Runs every Saturday, special reward: 1x Wings Of Power every week for guild master! (can be traded to other persons)